Dojo Training Times

Get the most from your training with weekly classes.
Weekly classes allow you to develop and nurture your
co-ordination, balance, knowledge and skills in an accumulative way so that your ability can grow naturally. We recommend that students attend one or two classes a week to allow the benefits of training to develop. Classes are for over 18's only.

Ninjutsu classes

What do we cover?
We teach ninpo taijutsu (unarmed combat) in all classes and offer specialised classes in traditional weapons.
Staff (bo, jo and hanbo)
Naginata & spear
Ninja weapons (shuriken, shuko etc)
Iron fan & jutte
Sickle, chain & rope
and more...

Ninjutsu seminar

Weekly Classes
7pm-9.30pm [Taijutsu & Jojutsu]
Wednesdays 11.30am-1pm [Taijutsu]
Thursdays 7pm-9.30pm [Taijutsu & Bokken]
Saturdays 11.30am-1pm [Taijutsu]

We also run private tuition most weekdays
and Sunday seminars on a regular basis.

Weapons rack

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