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Shinobi-Kai Martial Arts Brighton

Authentic training in the martial arts of Ninpo Taijutsu.
Shinobi-Kai Martial Arts is dedicated to providing high quality, authentic training in the art of Ninpo Taijutsu. We have experienced, qualified instructors and we take pride in the quality of our tuition. Our aim is to allow everyone to enjoy an art that is safe, fun and rewarding.

Peter Brown

The Iga Crest is used by the Shinobi-Kai, with permission of the owners.

Martial Arts Brighton Seminar

The Shinobi-Kai was founded in 1988 by Peter Brown, the first person in the UK to be graded to a Dan level by both Hatsumi (Bujinkan) and Tanemura (Genbukan). The school was setup to allow the study of Ninjutsu without politics. The Shinobi-Kai is the longest established authentic Ninjutsu school in the UK and the largest independent Ninjutsu Association in England.

Martial Arts Brighton - Honbu Dojo

Shinobi-Kai Martial Arts Brighton Honbu Dojo is just a few minutes drive away from Brighton town centre and is within easy reach of train and bus, with fully matted dojo floors, free parking, refreshment facilities and two large training areas.

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