Brighton martial arts seminar

Why Ninjutsu?
Expressing the spirit of life.
With over 900 years of history and tradition, Ninjutsu was born from the need to survive - evolving in response to the reality of conflict and war. Throughout this time, techniques and principles were developed and realised through actual combat, and so the nine schools of Ninjutsu began to form. Many of these schools were studied by the Samurai, some schools specialising in battlefield warfare, others in empty handed jujutsu or weapons. The eight schools along with one 'pure' Ninja school form todays Ninjutsu which collectively offers a wide range of realistic, authentic techniques, strategies and martial arts principles.

Ninja training

Why Train with Us?
Years of experience and expertise in providing
high quality, impartial, authentic Ninjutsu training.
The Shinobi-Kai is the longest established authentic Ninjutsu school in the UK and the largest independent Ninjutsu Association in England. With many years of successful teaching experience behind us we can offer students high quality, impartial and authentic training.
We have extensive training facilities and equipment to suit your needs including two matted dojos, wide selections of training weapons, workout gym and more.

Ninja and Samurai

What are the Benefits?
In addition to learning ninjutsu techniques and skills, training helps you to develop many great qualities.
and often... good friends!

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